Let's Talk INNOluxe

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Let's Talk INNOluxe

UK brand INNOluxe landed in Australia in 2021, and now has a bevy of renowned Australian national ambassadors singing its praises and explaining the gap it fills in the market.

Our very own Annette Carter is the Australia & New Zealand INNOluxe Ambassador. 

Known as a must-have tool for protection, strength and repair for in-salon colour, this technology also aids chemical salon services such as keratin and perm services.

INNOluxe is anchored by an instantly effective protein repair solution comprised of the brand’s unique Advanced AminoBond Complex, also using many different levels of low weight proteins including cysteine and amino acids for a strong web like structure that reinforces sulphur bonds for healthier hair during these services. It can be used with every colour, bleaching, perm, chemical straightener, keratin or relaxer and also works on all types of hair.

Australian ambassadors now join global brand ambassador Sophia Hilton in endorsing the brand. Hear from a number of industry names who have fallen in love with INNOluxe in the Style Icons article.

Annette Carter, Principal, The DO Salon, Melbourne 

“The DO introduced INNOluxe a year ago, and it has revolutionised the way we work with our client’s hair.  Put simply, we can now colour and bleach their hair without compromising its integrity. How does it do this? It saves the structure of the hair when colouring or bleaching.
I want all my fellow hairdressers joining the revolution that is INNOluxe.” 

Get your free Bite Size Sample today by entering your details on the enquiry form. You’ve heard us rave about INNOluxe, time to check it out for yourself. Bite Size gives you just enough to try out a handful of INNOluxe applications. It is all it will take for you to join the revolution. 


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Nice, I have been using this since back 15 yrs and let me tell you it is amazing
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