Scalp & Hair Consultation

Do you want to find out more about your hair type and scalp health?

Scalp & Hair Consultation

Is your hair damaged or do you have other concerns such as itchy scalp, dandruff, hair loss, thinning hair, frizz or dryness?

Perhaps you want to find out more about your hair type and scalp health in general?
The DO Salon offers a 15-minute Hair & Scalp Check.  During this professional analysis, you'll get a real insight into the health and condition of your hair and scalp. The information will help us advise you on how to get your DO back to its best – provide an in-salon treatment and ongoing scalp and hair care product recommendations for home care.

What to expect during your hair and scalp consultation:

Step 1. Consultation

One of our senior stylists will take you through a personalised consultation, asking questions to understand your current hair care routine, scalp health and concerns you have.

Step 2. Porosity & elasticity test

We analyse your hair and scalp health by testing how your hair holds moisture and determining its elasticity, which tells us if your hair is damaged.

Step 3. Scalp Analysis

We then use our scalp camera (which magnifies the scalp by 600%!) to do a scalp check which provides an analysis of your overall scalp health, hair density, and pores. With this in-depth view of your hair and scalp health we will see any scalp imbalance. Photos are taken by the microscope and recorded in your profile.  This allows us to view improvements over time.

Step 4. Personalised Advice

After analysing all results, we’ll recommend hair and scalp care products for a scalp treatment to suits your needs, providing demonstrations on anything you’re unsure about.

Under the guidance of a senior stylist, we will analyse your hair and scalp to recommend treatment and home-care products that suit your needs.  

The Hair & Scalp Consultation takes 15 minutes and costs $15 - This fee is fully redeemable when an in-salon treatment is conducted.  The in-salon treatment provides you with a head start to improving and alleviating concerns before continuing with home care. 

Step 5. Treatment

After the consultation, our Senior Stylist can conduct an in-salon treatment utilising Philip Kingsley prescribed products, along with Blue & Red LED Light Therapy.  The $15 fee is redeemable against the in-salon treatment. 

Philip Kingsley
Range of trichological hair care expertise has been built over 60 years. World-renowned, exclusive treatments for all hair and scalp concerns, from alopecia to an itchy scalp. Their formulations are informed by Trichologists’ specialist knowledge in hair growth and scalp care, whether you are looking for a hair thickening shampoo or hair supplements.
Red & Blue LED Light Therapy
Harness the power of light to ensure your hair is healthy and strong.  We use Red and Blue LED Light frequencies to reduce inflammatory scalp conditions, promote healing and collagen generation, reduce the size of oil glands and potentially reduce hair loss. 


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