Unlock Vibrant Hair with The DO Salon's Hair & Scalp Check

Is your hair sending out distress signals—itchiness, dandruff, or dryness? Dealing with hair loss, thinning strands, or unruly frizz? Discover the secrets to lush, healthy hair with The DO Salon's exclusive 30-minute Hair & Scalp Check.

At The DO Salon, we're not just stylists; we're your partner in hair goals. We'll fine-tune your routine and recommend treatments and home care products. For deeper insights, we collaborate with Husk Naturopathy to identify underlying causes and create a tailored wellness plan addressing dietary and lifestyle factors impacting your hair health.

Our vegan, sustainable, premium hair care products ensure optimal solutions for various concerns. We collaborate with Husk Naturopathy for holistic hair health. Need more insights? We offer a free 15-minute consultation with them.

Trust The DO Salon's commitment to enhancing your hair's vitality.

Book your Hair & Scalp Consultation today and start a transformative journey to radiant, healthy hair.

What to Expect: Your Journey to Healthy, Vibrant Hair


Personalised Consultation

Embark on a tailored consultation where our expert stylists delve into your current routine and scalp health. Share your concerns, and let us craft an analysis tailored to your unique needs.


Hair Porosity & Elasticity Test

Witness the magic as we unveil your hair's health through a porosity and elasticity test. By testing the elasticity and porosity of your hair, we can identify any potential issues, such as hidden damage leading to increased breakage, that may be affecting its health and vitality.


Personalised Advice

After our review and the tests of your hair, we will provide tailored recommendations for professional at home hair and scalp care products that will support the health and well-being of your hair and scalp. Our Stylists demonstrate proper usage, arming you with knowledge to understand caring for your hair at home with ease.


Salon Treatment

After the Hair and Scalp Consultation, you can also opt-for an in-salon treatment - one recommended by The DO Crew looking after you. This will give you a great headstart in addressing concerns before continuing your journey with your home care.