INNOluxe Professional Range

Elevate your salon services with INNOluxe.

Embark on a journey to first-class hair services with INNOluxe, the epitome of professional hair repair, colour additive, and bond building. As fellow salon owners, we recognise the significance of delivering exceptional services and products to your clients, so we proudly represent INNOluxe at our salon.

And, at The DO Salon, we're not just advocates – we're the official Australia & New Zealand INNOluxe Brand Ambassador, represented by Annette, our salon principal and hair maestro.

"As the Australia & New Zealand Ambassador for INNOluxe, I've witnessed the transformative power it brings to hair. It's not just a product; it is a revolution in hair care. As a colour expert and stylist deeply committed to the health of my client's hair, INNOluxe’s bond-building and next-generation protein-hugging power is a game-changer in the hair world.” - Annette Carter

Why Choose INNOluxe for Your Salon?

INNOluxe is not just a product; it's a revolution in hair care. As salon owners deeply committed to our clients' hair health, we introduce you to the INNOluxe V3 range – the next generation of intensive repair 100% vegan. 

INNOluxe V3 First Taste Package:

Offer your clients the INNOluxe experience by trying INNOluxe in your Salon with the V3 First Taste Package. It's a comprehensive set containing everything you need for up to 16 bleach applications or approximately 33 tint applications. Your clients will fall in love with the results from day one. Order today!

The Science Behind INNOluxe:

Delve into the science behind INNOluxe by spending a few minutes with global ambassador Sophia Hilton via the videos below.

INNOluxe Beyond Bleaching:

While commonly associated with bleach, INNOluxe goes beyond. It transforms every technical service for diverse clients and hair types. INNOluxe is your secret weapon for unparalleled results, from vibrant colours to structured curls.

  1. The Double Process: Achieve dramatic transformations in a single visit.
  2. INNOluxe with All Colours: Enhance vibrancy and longevity for all colour types.
  3. The Perm: Create healthy, structured curls with INNOluxe.
  4. With Keratin: Elevate keratin treatments for further repair and straightening.
  5. Relaxers: Strengthen hair during relaxer services for enhanced results.
  6. Stand-alone Treatment: Clients can experience the benefits without colour in just 25 minutes.
  7. INNOluxe Elixir V3: Your clients can seal in the benefits at home for ongoing hair health.

INNOluxe at Your Salon:

Our commitment to using INNOluxe is rooted in its ability to deliver exceptional results. Whether you want to enhance colour vibrancy, create exquisite curls, or provide overall hair repair, INNOluxe is the key to elevating your salon services.

Join the INNOluxe Revolution:

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a professional INNOluxe Salon and let your clients experience the magic of healthier, more beautiful hair!

Elevate your salon services with INNOluxe.

The Science Behind INNOluxe with Sophia Hilton

INNOluxe and Protein Hugging with Sophia Hilton