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INNOluxe Back Bar Professional Range

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Professional Hair Repair, Colour Additive and Bond Builder

INNOluxe provides the next level of bond builder and colour additive. You will be loved by your clients with the level of hair repair and creativity you can provide with INNOluxe as it rebuilds their hair, adds strength, softness and shine.  They will love it from day one. 

The DO Salon is the official Australia & New Zealand INNOluxe Ambassador. We work alongside Sophia Hilton, Founder and Director of Not Another Academy to bring INNOluxe to your salon and others across Australia and New Zealand.

Become one of the first in our region to join the UK phenomenon that is INNOluxe

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Spend a few minutes with global ambassador Sophie Hilton watching our  educational videos on the science behind INNOluxe and its protein hugging power.

The Science Behind INNOluxe

INNOluxe and Protein Hugging