Teknia Full Defence Shampoo


Protective shampoo for stressed hair by Lakme Teknia.

Protective shampoo. Gently cleanses stressed hair and scalp from atmospheric and domestic pollution. Protects hair fibre from dryness, resulting in shiny, soothed and healthy hair.

Vegan formula / Paraben-free / Mineral oil-free / Colorants-free, SIZE 300ml

EFFICIENCY TEST: 83% increased protection against pollutants.
24% increased protection UV free radicals.

Organic biosaccharide byproduct of sugar.

Total, effective protection of the structure of hair fiber. Prevents pollutants from getting trapped in hair. Moisturizes and reduces the oxidative damage of UV rays.
✔ Nourished, moisturized and shiny hair. Clean, pollutant-free hair. Healthy look.

Why you'll love it?

  • Gently cleans the hair and scalp and acts as a protective filter against atmospheric and domestic pollutants and UV rays.
  • Shiny, healthy and nourished hair.

Fresh and purifying with eucalyptus essential oil. Balancing and purifying.
✔ Feeling of pure and fresh care that mixes citrus and strong green notes. Light floral notes and woody musk create a purity effect.

Apply on wet hair.
✔ Lather.
✔ Rinse.