Salon Favourites: Larry King & Christophe Robin

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Salon Favourites: Larry King & Christophe Robin

The Do Salon & MCM Beauty collaboration for skincare inspired hair care and styling. From left to right: Annette Carter (The DO Salon), Karen (Kitty) Russell (MCM Beauty), Karina Parry (MCM Beauty) and Paul McDermott (MCM Beauty)

We recently enjoyed hosting the renowned MCM beauty team at our Salon.  Not only did we get to exchange a range of hair inspired tips and techniques, but we also discovered their personal favourites from Larry King and Christophe Robin - which was a treat given they are the official suppliers of these amazing brands in Australia! 

The team shared that they love Larry King and Christophe Robin products for their high-quality ingredients and impressive results. They noted that both brands focus on hair health and deliver visible improvements in hair texture, shine, and overall condition.  Each brand focuses on high-quality formulations powered by natural ingredients. Their products deliver unparalleled hair care finished with skincare-inspired solutions.

Hosting the MCM beauty team was a thrill, and we love collaborating with them to bring Larry King and Christophe Robin to our salon clients and across Australia through our online retail and hair ritual offerings.

We’re thrilled to share their favourite products from the range, including our Principal and owner, Annette's personal faves! Whether you’re looking to add volume, nourish dry strands, or detox your scalp, these Larry King and Christophe Robin favourites are definitely worth trying.

Karina Parry - General Manager

Discover Larry King's lightweight Spoilt for Choice hair oil, perfect for fine hair. Enriched with jojoba and squalene for smooth, shiny locks.Revive dull, dry hair with Christophe Robin's Regenerating Mask. Ideal for fine hair, it conditions and nourishes mid-lengths and ends.

Larry King | Spoilt for Choice "I rarely find an oil that's lightweight enough for my fine, slightly fluffy beach-blonde hair, so I've fallen head over heels for this one from Larry! Enriched with the gourmand notes of rosemary and skincare-like ingredients like jojoba and squalene, these little drops of delight work wonders for me. I use it on damp hair before air drying and a couple more on day two to smooth it. It's also great as a scalp-soothing treatment."

Christophe Robin | Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear "You'd think this mask would be too creamy and rich for my fine hair, but it's a perfect reviver for when it gets dull, dry, and fractious – usually high summer and mid-winter when the weather is most harsh. I use a small amount as a fortnightly treatment to recondition and revive dry mid-lengths and ends."

Karen (Kitty) Russell - Sales & Education Manager

Add texture and volume with Larry King's Volumising Mist. Suitable for damp or dry hair, it delivers a beautiful fragrance and finish.Exfoliate your scalp with Christophe Robin's Purifying Sea Salt Scrub. This iconic scrub removes product build-up and enhances treatment efficacy. Buy today from the DO Salon

Larry King | Volumising Mist "I love the versatility of this light mist as I can add this to damp or dry hair to add texture and incredible fragrance. Plus, it looks bougie and beautiful!"

Christophe Robin | Purifying Sea Salt Scrub "It's a no-brainer! I love the spa-like indulgence of this iconic scrub. The fresh, marine scent is heavenly; it exfoliates my scalp and lifts away any product build-up so my treatments and toning masks can work more effectively."

Paul McMahon - Managing Director

Achieve a matte finish with Larry King's Velvet Texture Clay. Perfect for everyday use, it offers buildable texture and a great scent.Strengthen and thicken your hair with Christophe Robin's Cleansing Thickening Paste. This innovative cleaner has been a favorite since 2018.

Larry King | Velvet Texture Clay "This easy everyday product smells great and is enjoyable to use. I like the matte finish and buildable texture."

Christophe Robin | Cleansing Thickening Paste "What else besides this? It's a brilliant, innovative cleaner that adds thickness and strength to my hair. I've been using it since Christophe launched it in 2018."

Annette Carter - Principal and Owner, The DO Salon

Define and moisturize curls with Larry King's Nourishing Curl Enhancer. This product leaves curls soft, bouncy, and frizz-free.Boost volume and body with Larry King's My Nanna's Mousse. Lightweight and non-sticky, it leaves hair full and lively.Protect and enhance your hair color with Christophe Robin's Colour Shield Mask. It deeply nourishes for vibrant, shiny hair.

Larry King | Nourishing Curl Enhancer "This product is divine for my own and others' curls. It provides the perfect amount of moisture and definition, leaving curls soft, bouncy, and frizz-free."

Larry King | My Nanna's Mousse "This is a fantastic product for adding volume and body to the hair. It’s lightweight and leaves the hair feeling full and lively without any stickiness."

Christophe Robin | Colour Shield Mask "I love this mask for maintaining a vibrant, healthy-looking colour in my hair. It protects and enhances the colour while deeply nourishing the hair, making it feel incredibly soft and shiny."

Stay tuned for more insider tips and product reviews from The DO Crew and our collaborators. Until then, happy styling and yours in hair health. x

Top image: From left to right: Annette Carter (The DO Salon), Karen (Kitty) Russell (MCM Beauty), Karina Parry (MCM Beauty) and Paul McMahon (MCM Beauty)
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