Preparing Your Hair for a Colour Service

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Preparing Your Hair for a Colour Service

At The DO Salon, we prioritise the health of your hair and the beautiful results you deserve. Whether you're a loyal client or a first-time visitor, the way you prepare for your hair colour service can significantly impact the final outcome. 

The Importance of Prepping:

Prepping your hair is an investment in the quality of your results and your overall experience. It can also play a role in managing the cost of your colour service. A pre-hair colour routine helps avoid situations of extra services required prior to applying colour treatments, ensuring a seamless, less costly and satisfying service.

Understanding Your Hair:

The foundation of a successful colour transformation lies in understanding your hair type and its unique needs. Your hair type and health will determine how it reacts to colour treatments. Consider factors such as your natural hair colour, texture, thickness, and any previous at-home (box) or in-salon colour services you've had. If you're uncertain about your hair's condition and needs, our expert stylists are always ready to assist you. Simply get in touch, and we'll guide you toward the best pre-haircare approach for your specific hair type.

Pre-colour service steps:

Ensure your hair is clean: 

The night before your appointment, cleanse your hair with a purifying or clarifying shampoo. Start with this shampoo first, followed by a prescribed shampoo and conditioner. This applies to all hair types. We recommend products like Teknia Perfect Cleanse or Christophe Robin's purifying range for optimal results.

Tailored Care for Blondes:

For those with blonde hair, avoid using blonde-specific shampoos or conditioners at least 7 days before your appointment. This precaution prevents over-toning, eliminates build-up, removes unwanted minerals, and ensures your colour results are impeccable.

Strengthen your hair INNOluxe:

Elevate your hair's strength and health with INNOluxe V3 Elixir. This rejuvenating treatment restores your hair's natural properties by adding essential proteins. Use as an overnight treatment before your colour service. The DO Salon can also offer an INNOluxe in-salon treatment if your hair needs an added boost before a colour service. 

Skip Dry Shampoo and Root Cover Spray:

In the days leading up to your appointment, refrain from using dry shampoo or root cover spray. These products can camouflage growth and the chemicals within them interfere with the colouring process.

Inspiration and Consultations:

Prepare inspirational pictures to guide your stylist in understanding your vision. If you're uncertain about the pre-haircare steps or any aspect of your appointment, feel free to schedule a FaceTime or in-salon consultation with our experts. We're dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need for a successful and satisfying colour transformation.

At The DO Salon, our commitment is to surpass your expectations with a hair transformation that leaves you feeling both beautiful and confident. Any questions about the pre-haircare routine, reach out to us. 

We're looking forward to seeing you soon at The DO Salon.
Annette and The DO Crew

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