Leah returns 24 October 2023

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Leah returns 24 October 2023

We have exciting news to brighten your hair day! Leah rejoins us on October 24th, and our excitement knows no bounds. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she's a priceless member of our team and an asset for your hair DO!

During her time away from The DO Salon, Leah served as an educator, focusing on supporting others in advancing their colouring and technical skills. Now, she's back, bringing not only her expertise but also a renewed passion for transforming your Hair DO! You can secure your preferred appointment with Leah online today and avoid the rush! Don't miss this opportunity to have Leah work her magic on your hair!

As the Spring Racing and Holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to ensure your tresses are party-ready. For all DO Crew members, you can check our online availability and book right away! Stay updated on any last-minute openings by following us on Instagram @thedosalon.

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