Introducing Fabriq. Choose the hair you’ve always wanted. We'll do the rest.

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Introducing Fabriq. Choose the hair you’ve always wanted. We'll do the rest.

Fabriq has arrived at The DO Salon.  Try the hair health in-salon treatments:  Reset and Quick Fix.

Fabriq Reset treatment

A low pH protein treatment that is perfect for clients with thick hair that takes too long to style, weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow, or frizz, waves or curls they’re not loving. This treatment uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to detoxify and purify your hair and scalp. It removes buildup, unclogs hair follicles, and restores balance to your scalp. Additionally, it transforms the shape, strength, and condition of every type of hair. The results are incredible - in as little as two hours, you'll get results that last up to four months!

Fabriq Quick Fix treatment

is perfect for those short on time but wanting to give their hair a boost. This treatment takes just half an hour, and the results last for up to a month! It's the perfect solution for clients who want to define curls, tame frizz, and enjoy healthy hair that’s easier to manage, whatever style they choose. The treatment uses a powerful blend of natural oils and nutrients to nourish your hair and provide instant hydration and shine.

The DO Crew believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair.  It's why we have introduced Fabriq.  We want to help our clients achieve healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair. Whether you need to detoxify your scalp, repair damage, stimulate growth, or just give your hair a quick boost, we have a hair treatment that's right for you.

Book a consultation today and experience the experience the transformative power of our Fabriq treatments.

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