Fiona Franchimon No1 Hairpin

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Fiona Franchimon No1 Hairpin

The DO Crew are excited to introduce Fiona Franchimon's revolutionary № 1 HAIRPIN – a Dutch-designed hair tool that's changing the hairstyling game.

This innovative hairpin boasts a unique curved shape, a strong grip, and a hair-friendly design, ensuring that your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day without discomfort or damage. Suitable for most hair types, it provides a secure hold while maintaining your hair's volume. Get ready to elevate your hairstyling with Fiona Franchimon's № 1 HAIRPIN, available in various colours, including classic brown, black, soft beige, transparent, and satin sand. This versatile accessory is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, hairstyle, and occasion.

How to Style Your Hair with Fiona Franchimon Pins

The versatility of Fiona Franchimon's hairpins allows you to style your hair effortlessly with any outfit, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. The pins are designed to make you feel like a million dollars, providing that extra touch of beauty and sophistication to your appearance. Need some inspiration or tips? Watch the video tutorials below for hints on how to style your hair.

Mastering the Nº1 Hairpin

The Nº1 Hairpin is not your average hair tool. It's designed to help you create luxurious hairstyles within seconds while ensuring your hair stays in place all day long.

To use it correctly, especially for signature looks like the Infinity Braid, Cable Twist, or French Twist, remember to insert the Nº1 Hairpin in the opposite direction of your parting, with the FF logo facing upwards. The round lock near the FF logo is essential for keeping your hair in place.

For styles like the Top Knot or Chic Ponytail, position the Nº1 Hairpin in the opposite direction of your parting, with the FF logo facing sideways. These small adjustments make all the difference in securing a firm grip.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Part your hair as usual.
  2. Take a section of your hair and gently twist it.
  3. Hold the twisted section between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Slightly spread the Nº1 Hairpin sideways.
  5. Carefully slide it upward along your scalp, inserting it in the opposite direction of your parting to secure a firm grip

The Fiona Franchimon Hairpin is here to transform your hairstyling routine. Try it out and discover a new era in hairstyling, where elegance and innovation meet.

Purchase your Fiona Franchimon Hairpin today and experience the difference for yourself. Discover why these hairpins are making waves in the hairstyling world. With Fiona Franchimon, every day is a good hair day.

Video Tutorials

Check out the official video tutorials on how to use the Fiona Franchimon's Nº1 Hairpin to create the perfect look for any occasion. 

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