Elevate Your Hair Styling Skill with Kaleo Professional Tools

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Elevate Your Hair Styling Skill with Kaleo Professional Tools

Care for and style your hair every day with Kaleo.

Great news for all hair enthusiasts – The DO Salon proudly introduces Kaleo Styling Tools to our retail collection! Crafted with your needs in mind, these premium tools from Kaleo are your ticket to achieving salon-quality results from the comfort of your home.

And here's the cherry on top – during our Black Friday sale, enjoy a fantastic 15% off and receive a free microfibre hair wrap!

The Kaleo Curling Wand

Curling Wand for Effortless Waves

Bid farewell to lacklustre curls! Kaleo's revolutionary curlers simplify styling. Whether you crave loose beach waves or tight curls, these curlers promise consistent, long-lasting results. Featuring a tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel and variable temperature control, they ensure smooth, bouncy, and healthy hair.

Pro Tip: Begin curling from the mid-shaft for a natural, beachy look or wrap the entire strand for more defined curls. 

Flat Irons for Sleek Styles

Attain sleek, straight styles or playful waves with Kaleo's flat irons, available in both normal and wide widths. The tourmaline-infused ceramic plates guarantee even heat distribution, minimizing frizz and leaving your hair looking smooth and glossy.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different angles – straighten horizontally for a polished look or twist as you glide for a chic, wavy finish.

The Kaleo HairDryer at The DO Salon

The Hair Dryer for Quick and Stunning Blowouts

The Kaleo hair dryer is a a game-changer for those seeking salon-worthy blowouts at home. With adjustable heat settings and powerful airflow, you can effortlessly achieve volume, smoothness, and a touch of glamour.

Pro Tip: Section your hair while drying for better control and a professional blowout effect.

The Kaleo Microfibre Hair Wrap 

Why a Microfibre Hair Wrap?

Less Frizz: Microfibre is soft and gentle, reducing frizz by not roughing up hair cuticles like regular towels.

Reduced Damage: Unlike regular towels, microfiber is gentle, minimizing the risk of breakage and split ends.

Faster Drying: Highly absorbent, microfiber dries hair faster without aggressive rubbing.

More Manageable Hair: Reduces frizz and damage, making hair more manageable and easier to style.

Saves Time: A quick and easy way to dry hair, perfect for those short on time.

How to Use a Microfibre Hair Wrap:

After washing, gently squeeze out excess water.
Place the wrap over your head, twist it, and secure it with the loop and button.
Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until your hair is damp.
Remove and air dry or style as desired.

Ask The DO Salon Crew for styling tips on how best to use your Kale hot tools

Helpful Hints for Styling with Kaleo:

Straightening with Flat Irons: Glide smoothly for straight styles or use larger sections with a twist for a wavy look.

Smoothing with Hair Dryers: Point the nozzle downward for sleek, frizz-free results. Use a round brush for added volume.

Curling with Curlers: Wrap hair away from your face for an open, bouncy curl. Experiment with different section sizes for varied curls.

Ready to transform your hair routine? Discover the world of Kaleo Styling Tools at The DO Salon and ensure every day is a good hair day!

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