Discover the Lakmé Finishing Line at The DO Salon: Style with Care and Precision

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Explore the Lakmé Finishing Line at The DO Salon: Thermal protection, perfect finishing touches, and deep nourishment for healthy, stylish hair. Discover more at The DO Salon.

Hair-Inspiration from the Everyday Person

At The DO Salon, we know that your hair tells a story about you.

Inspired by the everyday person and vibrant city-life, The Lakmé Finishing Line celebrates the unique styles of everyday individuals. Imagine the person arriving at work with a coffee in hand, someone waiting for the bus while lost in their favourite podcast, or those enjoying a chilled afternoon together. This urban tapestry is what inspired the Lakmé Finish Collection. Designed to bring effortless style and individuality to your hair care routine.

Products with Thermal Protection - K.Styling

Creating a personalised hairstyle starts with protection. The Lakmé K.Styling range shields your hair from heat damage while allowing you to craft stunning looks. These products are easy to apply to wet hair, ensuring your locks stay healthy and resilient even with frequent styling.

  • BLOWOUT: This two-phase spray cuts down drying time and provides essential thermal heat protection. Perfect for all hair types, it reduces blow-dry time, softens the hair fibre, eliminates frizz, and minimises friction during drying.
  • SHAPE: A brushing lotion that gives volume and ideal shape to fine hair, offering a flexible and durable hold with thermal protection.
  • TAMER: A long-lasting temporary straightening gel that eliminates frizz and offers thermal protection, leaving your hair shiny, smooth, and manageable.

Products that Protect and Care from Within - K.Beauty

The Lakmé K.Beauty range is a beauty ritual designed to offer long-lasting, delicate care that beautifies and protects your hair from within the fibre. These products ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant, providing thermal protection and nourishment.

  • BODY: This spray provides lasting volume, body, and thickness to fine hair. It hydrates, adds a silky effect, and offers thermal protection
  • TOP-TEN: A leave-in finishing balm that offers a silky effect, luminous shine, and high resistance to humidity. It provides instant and long-lasting moisture, colour protection, and optimal combability.

Products that Protect and Finish the Style - K.Finish

To perfect your look, our K.Finish range offers a range of products that protect your hair from environmental stressors while enhancing and prolonging your style. Applied to dry hair, these products add the finishing touch, ensuring your hairstyle remains impeccable throughout the day. A few of our favourites include

  • HARD: An ultra-strong hold spray that provides a quick dry finish, brushes out easily, and leaves no residue while offering natural shine and UV protection.
  • POLISH: A spray that provides long-lasting shine, eliminates frizz, and offers a silky finish without weighing down the hair.
  • MATT: Matte moulding wax that separates, defines, and shapes with strong style control, perfect for thick hair, and provides UV protection.

Embrace the Lakmé Finishing Line at The DO Salon

Whether you're looking to protect your hair from heat, perfect your style with a finishing touch, or nourish your hair from within, we have the perfect solution for you in the Lakmé Finish range.

Inspired by the vibrant life of the city and everyday person, these products empower you to express your unique style with confidence and ease.

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