Discover the Magic of Hair Care for Curls

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Discover the Magic of Hair Care for Curls

At The DO Salon, we cherish the distinctive beauty of each client's individual style, particularly those blessed with gorgeous curls. For us, curly hair care isn't just a service; it's a personalised journey that leaves our clients feeling beautifully self-assured.

Consulting with your curls

Each curly head is a unique canvas, and we embark on this journey by understanding your vision right from the start. This begins with a comprehensive hair and scalp consultation to grasp the essence of your hair and your styling goals. Leading this endeavour is Annette, our principal and director, with over 35 years of curl expertise.

Beyond the colour & cut, let's elevate your curly hairstyle

Our mission is to create curly hairstyles that empower you to effortlessly showcase your curls, whether you prefer an effortless tousle or a more elaborate flair.

This artistic endeavour recognises that curls manifest in diverse patterns and textures. Therefore, The DO Crew tailors their cutting and colouring techniques to enhance and complement your unique curl type. Whether you desire dimension through highlights, a vibrant fantasy colour, or a revitalisation of your natural hue and curl type through a fantastic haircut, we ensure the preservation of your curls' integrity while bringing your curly hair dreams to life.

Introducing ColorWOW Curl to The DO Salon

At The DO Salon, we take immense pride in our commitment to perfecting the art of transforming your hair. We're excited to unveil a new dimension of hair care: ColorWOW Curl. This remarkable product range hails from the creators of the beloved Dream Coat, and it's set to revolutionise the world of curls. With ColorWOW Curl, you can bid farewell to the weighty, greasy feel of some hair products. Instead, you'll revel in the natural, uninhibited movement of your hair throughout the day.  

Curl Wow introduces the pioneering 'Naked Technology' from ColorWOW. This groundbreaking innovation incorporates the brand's proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex, specially designed to break down the size of oil molecules. The result? Glossy, frizz-free hair, reaping all the benefits of oil without the unwanted heaviness.

The ColorWOW Curl collection consists of five key products, each meticulously crafted to embrace the essence of curls. These products work in harmony to deliver soft, bouncy, and ultra-hydrated curls, all while maintaining that natural lightness and avoiding the dreaded crunch.


Curl Wow Pre-Shampoo Detangler: Use this before your shampoo even touches your hair. It's the secret to detangling your locks gently and effectively. Traditional detangling often occurs during conditioning, but wet hair is especially fragile, making it prone to breakage. Curl Wow Pre-Shampoo Detangler allows you to coat your hair and detangle it before the cleansing process begins, ensuring healthier, happier curls. Shop now | $64

Color wow curly snag free detangler buy today to look after your curly hair from The DO Salon St Kilda Melbourne Australia

CurlWow Hooked Shampoo: Hooked by name and a lifesaver by nature, this shampoo features the Procapil blend, which helps anchor hair at the root, preventing excessive shedding. Think of it as a light clarifying shampoo that expertly lifts product buildup, grime, and oil from the scalp without stripping or drying out your hair. Shop now | $64

color wow curl hooked shampoo, perfect for those with curly hair. buy today from The DO salon st kilda

CurlWow Coco-Motion Lubricating Conditioner: This conditioner is a moisture powerhouse, thanks to its trio of coconut oil, Marula oil, and the Procaxil 18 Complex. You can use it in the traditional way, applying it from root to tip, combing through, and rinsing. Alternatively, for an extra boost of hydration, leave it on like a mask to penetrate deeply and revive your curls. Shop now | $64

boost the hydration of your curls with Color Wow curl cocomotion. available at the do salon st kilda victoria australia

CurlWow Flo-Etry Vital Natural Serum: Immerse your curls in a rich-oil boost of hydration with this serum. It ensures your curls bounce with vitality and feel luxuriously soft. While it moisturises like a traditional curl cream, it's incredibly lightweight, leaving your hair feeling as though nothing is on it. Beyond styling, it's a nurturing product with substantial care benefits. Shop now | $64

Color Wow Curl Flo-etry - fabulous for curly hair available at The DO Salon st kilda victoria

ColorWow Curl Shook: Shaking things up, Shook introduces a bi-phase formula for your locks. You activate the duo-formula by shaking it gently. Packed with ingredients like hemi-squalane (a natural silicone alternative), jojoba, rice bran, passion flower, and grape seed oils, it's the perfect companion for styling your curls. Once your curls dry, they'll reveal an enviable shine and resilience that you'll love. Shop now | 79.95 

Color Wow Curl Shook available at The DO Salon Australia

The DO Crew loves ColorWOW Curl! Your curls are about to embark on a journey of transformation, experiencing newfound vitality, bounce, and luminosity. 

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