Teknia Frizz Travel 100ml


 Frizz Control is the best hair products for frizzy hair. People generally associate frizzy hair with curly or wavy hair. However, straight hair can also suffer from frizz and it can end up “shrinking” or losing shape when exposed to humidity, for example.

Frizziness can be successfully controlled when rebellious hair is gently treated with effective products that offer hydration, repair the hair fiber and texture and return its luminosity and manageability.

FRIZZ CONTROL puts an end to frizz and tames rebellious hair. Hydrate to recover softness and transform uncontrollable hair into manageable and nourished hair. It polishes thick, straight or curly hair for perfect texture and shine. It protects while the hair is being dried and styled. Fusion containing a high concentration of biotechnology-derived hyaluronic acids, the same active ingredients as our favourite in salon treatment Aura.