Teknia Color Stay Travel 100ml


Color Stay is the best hair products for colour treated hair. Coloured hair has had its natural state altered. It is therefore essential that it is given a care routine that provides external protection. The objective is to protect the colour for as long as possible. The first step is to wash hair with warm water a sulfate-free shampoo that prevents colour fading. The second step is to protect and keep the hair conditioned and hydrated. And the third step is to prolong the protection, the colour and shine with a deep-action treatment.

COLOR STAY maintains the depth, tone and shine of coloured hair. Its acidic pH formula closes the scales of the cuticle and protects the cortex from external damage. The infusion of organic acai and sunflower seed extract act as a powerful antioxidant that protects coloured hair from the effects of the sun, loss of colour and free radicals.

What's Included?  

1x Colour Stay Control Shampoo 100ml
1x Colour Stay Control Conditioner 100ml
1x Colour Stay Treatment 50ml