Philip Kingsley - Moisture Extreme Enriching Shampoo 250ml


Moisture Extreme Enriching Shampoo

Natural tightly coiled/curly hair is very susceptible to damage and breakage. The Philip Kingsley intensely hydrating shampoo gently cleanses fragile hair, using a unique combination of nourishing oils to penetrate and fortify each strand.

The vegan-friendly, shampoo is full of a unique combination of nourishing oils that will make your hair softer, stronger, and easier to style. Oligoquat M delivers a surge of moisture and helps repair damaged hair cuticles. Guar, an anti-static conditioning agent, provides control and smoothness. Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, derived from Cocoa Butter, cleanses, conditions and detangles.

It restores moisture and smooths rough cuticles, helping tame even the toughest frizz. Moisture Extreme Enriching Shampoo is also suitable for extremely dry, damaged, or very processed hair.

  • Rich hydrating formula cleanses while moisturising 
  • Formulated to suit the unique condition and grooming needs of natural tightly coiled curls, and very porous processed hair
  • Suitable for use on natural, relaxed or synthetic hair