INNOluxe Professional - Balance Plus V3



Balance Plus V3 is the second part of our professional-only hair treatment.
EVEN MORE repair, condition and shine!

Used after either of our bond builders (ReBond V3 or Foam V3), Balance Plus V3 continues repairing the hair, as well as adding all-important conditioning!
Balance Plus V3 rounds off the signature INNOluxe strength, softness and shine by feeding each strand with amino acids and extra proteins that nourish, banish friction and protect the hair.

Looking for all the repair and condition of Balance Plus V3 blended with powerful toning pigments? You’ll love Balance Plus PLATINUM.

Balance Plus V3…

  • Rebuilds elasticity
  • Locks in colour
  • Protects from heat with no build-up
  • Adds fullness and shine