INNOluxe Platinum Bundle. 10% off

$174.50 $193.90

This PLATINUM BUNDLE Power range uses colour technology to cool off yellow and orange pigments in blonde hair whilst nourishing your locks.

The SHAMPOO boasts intense purple tones, the conditioner pampers you with violet shades and the mask LUXURIATES in a sumptuous deep blue Hue. They work together to leave your colour as you want it, whether that tone is cool blonde, ash, grey or white. Each product also assists in STRENGTHENING, HYDRATING, THICKENING and adding SHINE- because we are all about hair that is healthy as well as gorgeous.

Add the INNOluxe ELIXIR, a highly concentrated leave in TREATMENT and PREP creme that will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing by enhancing ANTI-BREAK STRENGTH, ELASTICITY, GLOSS and SHINE