ColorWow Shine Secure Pack

ColorWow Shine Secure Pack

ColorWow Shine Secure Pack

If you're a fan of the glass hair trend, try the ColorWOW Supernatural Pack. This gift set includes a full-size of the brand’s iconic Dream Coat, popularised by Chris Appleton, plus travel size shampoo and conditioner to go with. This set is a perfect if you colour your hair, and especially if you regularly blow dry it. Sulfate free, cruelty free, and paraben free. 

Why we love ColoWOW Dream Coat:

Colour chemicals leave hair porous and vulnerable to humidity. Dreaded moisture gets in – hair gets puffy, frizzes out!

DREAM COAT, inspired by new textile technology, covers each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. An absolute must for anyone looking to fight frizzy hair or achieve Chris Appleton’s signature glass hair styles.

    • Heat-activated polymer works to compress, tighten and seal hair strands
    • Hair is supernaturally-sleek, smooth and super-silky
    • Unlike typical “humidity-guard” serums, Dream Coat will not build up, weigh hair down or make it greasy
    • Activated by heat, effects last through 3 to 4 shampoos
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