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Full Defense is the best hair products for stressed hair. Pollution and UV rays impact the hair as well as the skin. They are the most exposed areas of our bodies. We protect our skin from damage and our hair should receive the same attention, because when it’s not protected, it’s vulnerable. Minute toxic particles can easily penetrate the hair fiber and they can cause dryness and breakages.

The toxic content in the air is not only a threat in exterior spaces. Internal pollution of houses is also considered damaging. It could come from domestic appliances, tobacco smoke, or from the blue light of electronic device screens.

These circumstances cause stress to the hair. The key is to follow a care routine that keeps the hair well hydrated by deeply conditioning it and protecting it with serums and oils.

Lakmé has gone even further and designed FULL DEFENSE, a range of products that not only protect stressed hair, but that acts as a total protection screen against the harmful effects of our surroundings.

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