Philip Kingsley - Trichotherapy Exfoliating Scalp Mask 20ml x 2 pack


Exfoliating Weekly Scalp Mask

Wondering how to exfoliate your scalp? The Philip Kingsley Exfoliating scalp mask is the perfect home remedy, specifically formulated to combat flaking and itchy scalps. It contains exfoliating and moisturising agents to soothe and remove dead skin from the scalp. Combine the Philip Kingsley scalp exfoliator with Philip Kingsley's Award Winning Elasticizer, for the ultimate scalp cleansing, nurturing & hair treatment.

Use Philip Kingsley treatment weekly to deep clean your scalp and help remove dead skin cells. Acting as both a scalp scrub and cleanser, the refreshing hair exfoliator formula is especially effective in preventing product build up on oily scalps and hair that is washed every three days or less.

  • BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids) help to remove dead skin from the scalp, reduce sebum build up on the scalp and clear scalp flaking
  • Zinc not only helps to control growing scalp bacteria, but also reduces the amount of oil that this bacteria feeds on.
  • Zincs anti-inflammatory properties also calm irritation and relieve itchiness.